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Welcome to Mango Gate.com, the premier service for people around the world to learn languages online. This agreement (the “Agreement”) represents the entire contract between you and Mango Gate Co.Ltd  (“Mango Gate”) with respect to the above mentioned site(s) (the “Site”) and, if applicable, the fee-based subscription services therein. By visiting, becoming a customer of, purchasing a gift subscription from, or subscribing to Mango Gate, you agree, without qualification, to be bound by the terms and conditions (the “Terms”) of use set out below.

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  5. Use of the Service
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1- Acceptance of the Terms

2- Changes to these Terms

3- Provision of the Services

4- Your Rights

5- Use of the Service

6- Intellectual Property Rights

7- Access and Interference

8- Privacy and Security Policy

9- Community forums, chats, message boards, and email conduct

10- Fees and payments

11- Indemnification

12- Miscellaneous

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