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A fast, effective way to learn English

Mango Gate offers a wide range of English classes. No matter why you want to learn English, be it for travel, school, business, or social reasons, we have language class options to suit your needs.

Our immersive teaching style, our Method, is proven to be the fastest way to learn a language. In our English classes, you will only speak English with a Mango Gate instructor, who will use a conversational approach to immerse you in the language. You will always learn cultural lessons, which will allow you to communicate confidently in English with native speakers.

Our options in English language

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Standard courses

  • Live online lessons.
  • Cover the six levels of the CEFR.
  • 12 sessions for each level- 3 days a week.

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Specialized Courses

  • Specialized Language courses for different purposes.
  • Structured learning plans line up with
  • Live, interactive, and accessible wherever you are.

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Customized Courses

  • Customizable learning plans to meet your needs.
  • 1:1 sessions with a Mango Gate instructor.
  • Online

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Working with our Mango Gate instructors, you will be immersed in the language from the first class. During your classes, you will only speak the language.

Frequently asked questions

Our immersive techniques have been proven to be the fastest way to learn English. You will only speak English during your classes, which increases the rate of retention to help you start speaking fast.

You can select from both group and private courses.

Yes. You will be given a placement test to determine your current knowledge to place you in the correct level.